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All students are accepted on a case by case basis.

Anyone may be expelled from the school at anytime, for any reason. (ie. unsafe practice, disorderly conduct, or any other reason)

All students must sign a release of liability document.

We strive for safety in this dojo, and all students are encouraged to train at a level and pace that is comfortable and safe for them.

You must provide a valid State issued ID card or driver’s license, which will be copied for our records.

You are expected to show up for class, normally at least once or twice per week.

Fee Structure:

Free: 1st week of unlimited classes.

$50: Enrollment fee.

New student sign up special: if you are enrolling for the first time you will be eligable to receive a free uniform consisting of: Gi (Jacket and pants), Obi (belt), and Tabi (traditional split toe footwear).

$320/ 4 Months: Pre-pay.

$100/Month: Student ID or Veteran.

$120/Month: Standard membership.

Prices are for unlimited classes, per month.

Dues need to be paid before the 15th of the month. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

There is a $20 late fee for dues paid after the 15th.

You can receive a $20 discount off your monthly rate when you enroll for automatic payments to your credit card or debit card.

If you fail to pay your monthly payment before the end of the month then you need to pay the $50 enrollment fee again to be reinstated as an active student.

If you are a member of the Bujinkan and you are visiting from another dojo, you can usually obtain permission to drop in for a class. The drop in rate is $20 per class.

If your schedule only allows you to train 1 class per week, you can sign up as a part time student for $80 per month. Part time students get 1 class per week and additional classes are $20 each.

Traditional Asiatic Horsebow Archery + Shuriken is offered as a stand alone class. The cost is $10 per class for non Taijutsu students and is free for active Taijutsu students.

Private classes can sometimes be arranged depending on availability, please inquire.

The cost of private classes is $40/hour.

Please call, text, or email if you would like to make an appointment to visit our store for martial arts training supplies and horsebow archery supplies at times other than our normal business hours.

You are welcome to visit the store during class times and visitors are also welcome to observe classes.

If you would like more information,

please call or text:

Rich at (509) 903-9779 

or email: