Horsebow Archery is practiced at our dojo.

Horsebow archery is a style of archery that was common in many Asian countries and used in ancient warfare.

The bow used is a short recurve bow usually referred to as a “Horsebow”, since it was frequently (but not always) used on horseback.

There is no arrow rest, and no nocking point. Shooting is done instinctively, and normally in rapid fire, shooting many arrows quickly one after another.

A skilled archer can rapid fire arrows, left and right handed, while in motion (either on horseback or while running on foot).

Please inquire about purchasing your own Horsebow as well as custom made arrows which are designed for this style of speed shooting archery.

We also offer for sale shuriken which are made by Rob Bascue Shihan.

Horsebows are around $200 and up, arrows or shuriken are around $15 each.

Training swords and other specialized ninja weapons are made by hand and often available for purchase.